About Us

The Macro Trend is a fundamental analysis website that is managed and run by the savviest financial analysts and real active market traders that keep track of the important financial trends and bring them to you in easy to understand articles.

We strive to seek out where the big moves will occur and scour financial data to find you the most valuable correlations. Being a speculator and playing in the big game of geopolitics is difficult and predicting long term trends is what most fund managers want, but the market noise can sometimes shroud your good judgements. Our topics are our own opinions that our traders take in a world of real risk.

Why is The Macro Trend different? Firstly, you wont find these articles anywhere else, everything is produced for The Macro Trend by The Macro Trend. Secondly, we look for alternative trends that the mainstream aren’t reporting on. Finally, The Macro Trend provides all of our premium fundamental analysis absolutely free and we aim to keep it that way.

Let us introduce to you a couple of the members of The Macro Trend team.

Joon Young Kwon

About The Macro Trend Chief Editor and Manager: Joon Young Kwon is an expert in economics holding a Masters degree in the topic from a prominent University in the US. He currently resides in Singapore and is a consultant in economics and finance.

Joon genuinely loves his work in financial analysis and has called many important trends during his time with the team. Although still quite young, since moving across permanently to The Macro Trend team because of his skill set, he has become the Chief Editor and Manager of The Macro Trend.

Sonny D’Avola

About The Founder and Director of The Macro Trend: Sonny D’Avola is an active day trader situated in London who has studied the markets for many years now and thought it was a good idea to provide a platform for fundamental analysis pieces that specifically sought after long term trends.

Sonny has studied the markets closely and has been through the highs and lows that many traders commonly experience. He dedicates most of his time to seek out the more profitable trends that tend to go against the mainstream narrative.

We are also soon to be starting a small proprietary fund. For those interested in investing, please register you interest by emailing The Macro Trend at info@themacrotrend.com