Boris’s Blue Wave 2019: If we cast our minds back, it is safe to say that nobody was hoping for a general election weeks before Christmas.

Most communities in the UK have felt angry with Brexit having taken over their lives for the past three and a half years. The topic has been passed from David Cameron, to Theresa May and onto Boris Johnson like a hot potato with little progress being made. It seemed almost impossible because the house was divided and Boris Johnson had no clear majority in the Houses of Parliament, propped up by the DUP who were unhappy with Boris’s deal. Boris took a risk, he announced on the 31st October that there would be a general election on the 12th December 2019, just two weeks before Christmas.

Boris’s Blue Wave

boris's blue wave 2019
boris’s blue wave 2019

When campaigning, the Tories under Boris’s leadership, along with The Brexit Party were the only ones who seemed to be upholding the 2016 referendum vote. Boris pledged to get Brexit done, whilst the Labour candidates promised a second referendum, dubbed the peoples vote, the Lib Dems went one step further and Jo Swinson proclaimed optimistically that after she won a majority, the Liberal Democrats would reverse the referendum result altogether.

On Thursday 12th December, 67.3% of Britons took to their local polling stations to vote and decide on the future of the United Kingdom.

Boris’s Pledge “Get Brexit Done”

Boris’s pledge to “Get Brexit Done” seemed to have worked because just after the polling stations closed, the exit polls were released and they showed a huge conservative win, the biggest majority since Margret Thatcher took office in 1979. The polls also showed that Labour had suffered its worst defeat since 1935. The EUR to GBP fx rate fell sharply 1.7% upon release of the exit poll in the after hours market. After this, the FTSE 250 recorded all time highs, trading 4% higher. This move was dubbed in the City as the start of what is predicted to be a boom in the UK economy dubbed “the Boris boom.”

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The results were in line with exit polls. The Conservatives increased their seats by 58, with a total of 365. Labour lost 61 seats, leaving them with 202. The Liberal Democrats finished with 11 seats, and their own leader had to resign after losing her own East Dunbartonshire seat to the SNP who ended with 48 seats, and Nicola Sturgeon has already pushed for another Scottish Independence referendum. The Brexit party finished with no seats, but did take votes away from Labour strongholds. Another interesting development was the deputy leader of the DUP losing his own Belfast seat, which went to Sinn Fein. Now there are more nationalist MPs in parliament than unionists.

Over 13.5 million people voted for Boris’s post Brexit one nation conservatism vision.

Former Labour heartlands in the North of England, traditionally mining communities such as Blyth Valley, chose to put their trust in the Conservatives to “get Brexit done.” After three and a half years of politicians serving their own agendas and ignoring their constituents the red wall crumbled. For now, Boris Johnson has the trust of the British public. It is vital that he, along with his government, delivers on what he has promised those first time Tory voters. Boris Johnson spoke of healing and coming together after a divisive period in the UKs history. It remains to be seen whether he will take heed of his own words.

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