The life of the everyday citizen is mostly peaceful – unaware of what is currently unfolding. You see, the truth is that Governments don’t really control the world, the central banks and exchanges do. Your everyday Google search will suggest otherwise, stating that the government is in charge of them, not the other way round.

Current systemic takeovers and the battle for control are being fought over between certain populist government officials and central banks before our very eyes. Instead in the limelight we have COVID-19, a real and highly infectious virus which is a serious danger to some of or most sick and elderly people and which seemingly has a propensity to spread like wildfire(s)… Moreover this virus could even be a solution in disguise for one side of the battle over the other.

The supposed takeover I propose, although not necessarily a bad thing, is happening this very moment but is playing out hidden from public view. Globally, many states today rely so heavily, and in some cases, solely on stimulus which is provided by the central banks and have done so for a long time, too long perhaps.

Most people who watch the markets will discover that the role of central banks is not just to keep inflation at 2% which is commonly believed, but rather to keep the entire machine, that is, civilization itself, afloat.

So when a central banker reiterates the narrative that central banks don’t target prices, you shouldn’t take it quite so literally because they do much more than that.

However, would it be better if central banks told the complete truth all the time or would it be a severe breech of intelligence to tell everyone how you are going to save the world today?

A heavy burden indeed, perhaps the pressure of such a burden would break the will of most men/women. Seriously, take a second and imagine the stress it must induce to hold such responsibilities.

Though it is not openly talked about in the average public school, central banks, whether you like it or not, are the orchestras of our history and our everyday lives. They shape government policy, public thought through media, they funded countless wars, created endless jobs – and – they like to speak in gobbledygook. They love financial gobbledygook so much that they hold gobbledygook parties, just so they can speak gobbledygook to each other all night long and get off on economic modelling. Strange characters they must be, but brilliant none the less.

If you have ever had the privilege to listen to a central banker then you will be all too familiar with the contradictory gobbledygook game they sometimes enjoy playing when asked questions, where they “hedge” practically anything and everything they say, giving nothing away.

Though it pains some to say it, these people must be the greatest ethical thinkers and economists of our generation, or perhaps not and the actual decisions are made even higher up but we just don’t know who the heck it is, a bit like the real life “Wizard of Oz”.

There seems to be a problem unfortunately, a moral conundrum of sorts. None of these central bankers are accountable to the populous. The average person wouldn’t be able to name one central banker, let alone three or a thousand. So we’ve established they want to stay off the radar but why, surely they would want some thanks for keeping people in work and food on the table? Have you ever asked yourself who owns the central banks and what is their incentive. I mean some central banks are in negative interest rates and trillions are being created, so it’s not about money anymore.

On a more poignant note, why this sudden fear from the public and should we even care? The Central Banks date back many hundreds of years, the first ever broadcasting agency (Reuters) worked directly for the Bank Of England and was not created to inform the people, on the contrary.

The Bank of England started the first ever taxing system to take money from the people in order to bail out the then bankrupted monarchy, this was thanks to a bit of noise put out by Reuters at that time but that’s a story for another day. So many years in power and history tells us that although they funded some wars (backed by our governments, voted for by the people, on behalf of the monarchy) and duped many other states monarchies into surrendering their powers to the central banks, they haven’t tried to wipe us out, yet.

After many historical crises the central banks release ever more extravagant amounts of money into the system, they call it liquidity, all in a bid to keep the music playing and if you’re not dancing, guess what, you’re not getting paid.

Packages, “stimulus packages” are what are being touted by the media and proposed by governments today to save us all from the inevitable collapse that this pandemic has seemingly caused. Any savvy government official in their right mind would want a slice of the liquidity pie and of course so goes on the never ending rhetoric.

Keep your chin up though because there is light at the end of the tunnel, after every historical crisis the market goes up and creates more jobs, a housing boom and usually more individual wealth.

So what can we do to change the system and make it fairer for all in society? I believe the best way to move forward is to acknowledge the real control is where the money is and to put in a system where we vote for central bankers as we do politicians. Let’s stop being naïve and embrace them rather than try and change the world because maybe their system is better? Maybe and hopefully, they are in fact the heroes and not the villains.