26.September.2020 – World

Who takes the next critical platform?


With the wave of technological development, some companies have been able to monopolize an entire industry, especially in software for operating systems.


1st platform: Personal computer (1985)


The first platform was computer operating system. Microsoft has been able to provide Window operating system for computer, which still remains as dominant even if Apple has been catching up.


2nd platform: Smart phone and iPhone (2007)


The second platform was mobile operating system (MOS). Google and Apple have been dividing the MOS market with their Android and Apple system.



3rd platform: Automobile (?)


What would be the third platform be? No one knows what the answer is for sure, but most likely it will be automobile.


With the advent of automobile pilot and electricity vehicles, cars will not be just a means of transportation, but a place of entertainment. Just like no one has ever imagined that we can watch movies and access the internet using mobile phones just 10 years ago, it is unimaginable that automobiles can be used any reason other than transportation.


However, autopilot technology will replace drivers, meaning now no one needs to drive a car. In other words, entire family members can sit in the backseat and spend time together. They can listen to music, watch movies and use the internet just as we do with our mobile phones.


Hence, even automobile operating system has to be standardized, just like computer and mobile phone have been.


Which company will take this platform and become the dominant player in the lucrative future automobile industry?


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